The Poppin’ Box LLC is a gourmet popcorn shop near Saint Johns, FL. Our little family owned shop offers over 60 flavors of freshly popped popcorn, old-fashioned candy, delicious fudge, and specialty sodas. We have candy that will take our mature kids back in time as well as the latest sours that make the youth smile with a pucker!! Our soda selection is a unique mix of root beer, cherry, orange, creams and everything in between. When you step into our shop your eyes will light up with delight as our colorful shop is filled with yummy treats from ceiling to floor. Take a treat home or send one of our gift sets or tins to a loved one afar. Our popcorn is available nationwide.

We offer specialty tins, customized bags and boxes, and an assortment of candy and popcorn. At The Poppin’ Box LLC, we take extra care with all of the products that we provide with the goal of providing great service to each of our customers.


Here at The Poppin Box we take great joy in walking you down memory lane to a place where you longed for a cold soda to quench your thirst and a little brown bag of candy that made you smile! Only, at The Poppin Box we want to add our freshly popped gourmet popcorn to the list. With quality ingredients and creative minds, we will be making a wide variety of gourmet popcorn in the yummiest flavors that’s sure to delight!

We hope The Poppin Box will be the beginning of a new tradition where you visit your neighborhood corner popcorn store with friends and family to browse the candy shelves, enjoy an old-fashioned soda while sampling our made-from-scratch popcorn flavors.Even our caramel popcorn is homemade.